Account Recovery Specialists, Inc. (ARSI®) will make the collection of your rightful debt far more certain, much more prompt. But we also share your abiding concern for the well-being of all your patients, and so we operate with compassion, employing every workable debtor option. Most of all, we take the time to analyze every individual’s situation and we make every effort to achieve personal contact.

We believe that charity care should be your decision. We will even help you identify hardship cases, returning them to you as we pursue only debtors with the ability to pay.

Across three decades of professionalism, integrity and demonstrated success on behalf of our client-partners, ARSI® has

assembled particular expertise in healthcare collections. At least 95% of our typical caseload is medical, therefore ARSI® collectors are not just trained to “collect”, but to understand the sensitive and sometimes complicated nature of healthcare accounts. We train our staff on HIPAA, healthcare terminology, probate, county liability, worker’s compensation, motor vehicle accidents and all other insurance issues. We are at all times fully staffed with professional associates ready to partner with you in the management of your bad debt — all backed by the very latest technological support.

We would like to offer you a more detailed explanation of our way of doing business; to show you how our proven abilities will compliment your mission of service.

Your healthcare facility serves patients to the absolute best of your ability.

We think patients should pay you in kind.